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Adeptus Persevere Electrolyte Replacement for Horses

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Nutritional granular supplement for horses replaces electrolytes lost in equine sweat.

Each 2 oz serving contains min 8% crude protein, min 680 mg glycine, min 0.4% crude fat, max 5% crude fiber, min 215 mg/max 386 mg calcium, min 13,325 mg/max 15,593 mg salt, min 5,386 mg/max 5,953 mg sodium, min 150 mg magnesium, min 3,856 mg potassium and min 12,417 mg chloride.

Directions: Electrolytes should ideally be fed 2-3 hours prior to exertion. Horses must have access to water after feeding electrolytes. Heavy sweat conditions - 2 oz prior to exertion. When excessive sweat is lost, 1-2 oz can be fed. Average sweat conditions - 1 oz prior to exertion. Daily maintenance in hot or humid conditions - 1 oz daily added to diet. Cooler weather - 1/2-1 oz daily to encourage water consumption. Based on 1,100 lbs body weight.

  • Encourages water consumption
  • Prebiotic base; low sugar