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Andover Coated Prod

Andover Coated Products Coflex-Vet 4" color pk

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COLORPACK Box of 18 of assorted colors. 4x5. A strong cohesive flexible bandage. Provides an excellant pressure bandage without cutting off circulation. This makes Co-Flex a safer bandage . Provides excellent porosity, is non-irritating and allows the skin to breathe. Adheres to itself, no clips or fasteners are needed. Available in various colors and sizes. Each roll is 5 yards long and comes in 2 In , 4 In or 6 In widths. Available in a variety of colors Cohesive Flexible Bandage Manufactured For Bovine Hoof Trimmers That Can Also Be Used As A Lightweight Wound Dressing Coflex Does Not Stick To Skin Or Hair, and Provides Consistent Compression Without Danger Of Constriction Bandaging Tape Provides Controlled Compression For Wound Dressings, De-Claw Procedures, Light Support Wraps, and Catheters Neon Colors