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Reeves Intl

Breyer Stablemates Morgan Horse

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Breyer Stablemates® are the perfect introduction to the world of Breyer! These miniature models are just as detailed and authentic as the larger Breyer models. A wide range of accessories and play sets creates an engaging world that can easily be built upon for hours of playtime fun, and sized just right to take along on any adventure! Stablemates are a 1:32 scale and horses are approximately 4"L x 3.5"H. Recently expanded to include the Breyer Farms collection, honoring the timeless charm of keepsake toys, complete with the the unparalleled detail you expect from Breyer. Each carefully crafted piece celebrates the down-to-earth beauty of horses and farm life, and gives ample room for a child’s creativity and imagination to shine. This line of products is ideal for ages 4+.