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Healthy Hair Care

Citronella Horse Wash

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Naturally control and protect against insects with citronella, lemongrass , and eucalyptus essential oils. Fresh and aromatic scents leave horses protected and smelling clean. The unique delivery spray system allows control of both the delivery of water and wash to meet every horse’s washing needs. A high-grade blend of natural, botanical oil extracts and conditioners perfectly balanced to clean, protect and condition hair and skin. An additional blend of conditioners make hair more manageable, easier to detangle and control while providing lasting protection. For best results use with Citronella horse spray.

Directions: Attach sprayer to garden hose. Snap off shipping tab to allow sprayer to operate. Turn dial to “RINSE” to wet horse. Turn dial to “WASH” to apply. Let stand for several minutes and/or work in heavily soiled areas with sponge or mitt as desired. Turn dial to “RINSE” to rinse the horse. Turn dial to “OFF” when finished. The sprayer delivery system draws the Citronella Horse Wash™ at a preset dilution ratio for A Perfect Wash Every Time!