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Equine Omega Complete

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Equine Omega Complete - A Complete Essential Fatty Acid (Omega) Supplement. Equine Omega Complete is used by some of the top horse trainers, horse owners and veterinarians to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function. All Natural. No Chemical Processing. No Hydrogenated Fats. 85% Organic. Eight USA & International Patents and Thirteen Patents Pending One gallon is a one month's supply for one horse.

Equine Omega Complete provides and supports the following:

– May help reduce joint and tissue inflammation

– Can significantly reduce chance of colic

– Helps grow stronger, healthier hooves

– Supports a beautiful, healthy hair coat

– Builds a strong immune system

– Promotes a healthy digestive system

– Maintains oxygen/blood flow aiding in conditioning & stamina

– Promotes a healthy reproductive system in stallions and mares

– Assists in proper cell development and function

– Promotes a healthy respiratory system

– May reduce stress, anxiety and depression

– Delays lactic acid build up in muscle