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Desert Equestrian

Finishing/Body Brush

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From the Legends Series this brush is made with a kiln-dried, double-lacquered, curved-back hardwood brush block with 75% natural horsehair and 25% fine polypropylene fibers. The brush head is about 6 3/8 long and the shape lends itself to easy handling. Since it is a little shorter than the standard brush head, it fits into pockets and small hands easier, too. The dual-effectiveness of the bristles is derived from a combination of soft horsehairs with some fine black polypropylene bristles mixed in and they are all about 2 long. This high-end, general-purpose grooming and finish brush is perfect for removing dust and brushing coats to a glossy shine. The size lends itself to greater maneuverability and is easy to carry around the stable or show grounds.