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Hylalube Pellets

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HylaLUBE™ pellets contains an advanced formula designed to support joint function for horses of all ages and activity levels. It
provides key ingredients for joint fluid shock absorption and lubrication. Secondly it contains beneficial building blocks for
healthy cartilage. Lastly it is pelleted with stabilized rice bran for ease of administration and uptake. HylaLUBE™ pellets are
especially helpful for the equine athlete and those subject to intense training and competition. Glucosamine - contains 10000 mg
for improved joint support. Hyaluronic acid sodium - contains 350 mg - for improved joint support. MSM - contains 5000 mg -
supports a natural healthy response for exercise and competition. Vitamin C® - contains 1000 mg - anti-oxidant ingredient. Pelleted for ease of administration and uptake.