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Vetercyn Mobility Hoof Care

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Designed to manage thrush, white line and seedy toe in hooves. Unique formula effectively repairs hooves by penetrating deep into hoof layers and crevices to purge and remove pathogens that cause hoof deterioration and breakdown. Leaves a protective barrier and promotes growth of healthy tissue. Draws out hoof exudates faster than other hoof treatments due to unique hyperosmotic properties.

Contains 99.6% electrolyzed alkalescent dimethyl carbinol.

Directions: Clean hoof thoroughly with hoof pick to remove all dirt, debris and loosen hoof material. Spray entire hoof sole and soak frog area. After application, let horse stand on dry ground for 5 minutes. Additional sprays can be applied daily or as needed. For maximum results, avoid prolonged wet environments or standing water until condition is no longer present.

  • Blue dye to show where product has been applied 
  • Spray-on applicator offers better coverage and penetration