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Wonder Blue Shampoo

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Work wonders on your mane man’s mane, tail and coat with Farnam Wonder Blue Deep Cleaning Moisturizing Horse Shampoo. This unique deodorizing shampoo cleans deep into the skin to remove dirt and skin debris from your hoofed buddy. The special multi-purpose formula helps eliminate dry skin and flaking—and also contains aloe vera, one of nature’s richest moisturizers. When you want to treat your horse to a sleek, clean and shiny coat, reach for this super-moisturizing shampoo!

Key Benefits

  • Shampoo can also be used to keep show cattle and canine companions fresh and clean!
  • Deep-cleaning formula removes dirt, grease and grime from your best buddy.
  • Super-moisturizing action leaves horses and dogs with a radiant coat and soothed skin.
  • Deodorizing formula helps your buddy smell great.
  • Contains natural aloe vera to soothe and moisturize your horse’s skin.