A Useful Guide When Choosing The Right Horse Tack

A Useful Guide When Choosing The Right Horse Tack

Being an equestrian and raising a horse is not as easy as you may think. You need to train your horse before riding it or taking it to the events. If you are new to the world of equestrians, you would need to invest in Horse Tack. We have got your reins if you are not quite sure what Horse Tack means and where to buy it from. 

Horse Tacks are types of equipment that help to ride, train and discipline domesticated horses. Horse Tacks include items that are used to take care of your horse as well. For example, Horse blankets & Rugs, horse ears bonnets, etc. It would help if you had these pieces of equipment to prepare your horse for riding. 

What do Horse Tacks include, and how to choose the right one for my horse?


Horse bits are metal equipment that goes in the horse's mouth. The purpose of horse bits is to guide the horse. There are three types of horse bits: Snaffles horse bits, double horse bits, and Pelham horse bits. Buy horse bits based on horse training and discipline. 


It is headgear that is used to control the horse. Reins are attached to the harness. 


A horse Saddle is a seat that we attach to the horse's back. It is where the rider sits. You should be aware of the discipline before investing in horse saddles. Moreover, pay attention to the quality of the horse saddle. At Equus Gentry, you can find high-quality medical-grade horse saddles designed for the comfort of every type of back. 


A strap around the horse belly keeps the horse saddle in place.

Saddle Blanket 

It is a padded cloth that is placed under the horse saddle. The purpose of horse blankets & rugs is to prevent chafing, to provide cushion and protection from weather conditions. Check out Rambo Natura Summer Sheet by Equus Gentry from their horse blankets & rugs collection. Perfect horse blankets & rugs made from organic and eco-friendly fabric. You should invest in horse blankets & rugs for horses with sensitive skin and coats. 



Boots & Wraps 

Horse boots & wraps protect your horse legs during running. At Equus Gentry, you can have Ice-Vibe HW Hock Wrap, special horse boots & wraps. This horse boots & wraps set is perfect as it boosts the blood circulation in horse legs with a massage-like effect. 


Horse Martingales are straps that run through the noseband. The purpose of horse martingales is to prevent the horse from raising its head too high and to calm down a nervous horse. Horse martingales are of two types, running horse martingales and standing horse martingales. Head over to Equus Gentry's website to buy horse martingales. 


Reins are the strap that is attached to the bridle to guide your horse. For ponies, full-length reins are recommended, while for jumping purposes, shorter reins are an idol. 

Other things that you should keep in mind before choosing the right Horse tacks

Riding Styles 

Primarily there are two riding styles, Western Riding Styles and English Riding Style. Both styles use different types of Horse saddles. In English style, horse saddles are more on the smaller and lighter side to keep horse saddles close to the back of the horse. In Western-style, horse saddles are heavier and large in size. 

The horse type

You should know well about your horse breed before investing in horse saddles, horse boots & wraps, horse bits, etc. For example, Arabian breeds of horses have a slender build and a narrow back, while Shire horses are heavily built. 

Choosing the right size

Every company has its sizing standard. It is important to know how to take your horse's measurement. At Equus Gentry, they provide size details of Horse saddles, horse martingales, and horse ear bonnets. Check out the Equus Gentry website today to buy the perfect horse saddle for your four-legged friend today. 



 New to horse riding? Here is a simplified guide of basics apart from Horse tack- horse saddles, Horse bits, etc, and how to choose the right one for your mighty horse.