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Riding Gear and Equestrian Products

If you are new to the world of equestrianism, you must be wondering what the products that you should invest in are? What type of apparel you would need to ride comfortably, accessories, boots, etc. Whether you are looking for riding gear and equestrian products for yourself or your kid, here is your simplified guide on equestrian products and how to select the best one. Equestrian products are of various types, and each product serves a specific purpose. To understand easily, they are divided into multiple categories: Clothing, Accessories, Footwear, and Safety.


Since we spend most of the time outdoors while practicing horse riding, it is important to buy clothes that are meant for this purpose. 

Shirts: You can come in contact with pests or insects easily when you are outdoors or in the horse barn. It is advisable to buy a full sleeve shirt. The material of the shirt should be breathable. For a more polished look, the women's Kingsland Klova shirt is a great pick. Whether you are a showjumper or dressage rider, a Kingsland Klova shirt will make you look polished and effortless. 

Breeches: Breeches are tight-fitted trousers. You should wear a skinny bottom as a wide legend bottom can come in the way or get tangled up with the reins. Breeches are perfect for horse riding. If you are looking for more comfort, breeches for men with knee grips are best. Most men face issues with breeches being clingy. Considering this factor in mind, the woven fabric used to make breeches for men with knee grips is medium lite- weight. 

Outerwear: Jackets protect from the harsh winds. The regular jackets are fluffy and uncomfortable for equestrians. The equestrian jackets are slim fit and have space to keep mobile phones and other necessary items. 


Considering it's a physical sport, the Accessories that we can play around with are limited. However, you can still look stylish and presentable with these amazing accessories. 

Belts: Belt Melinda is a cool and a good way to elevate your look. You can showcase your personality with the Belt Melinda. It is budget-friendly as well. 

Gloves: Riding gloves protect the rider's hands from cold weather and from getting wounds and cuts from keeping reins and leather straps in the palms for a long time. While riding gloves are a necessity, you can opt for mesh riding gloves for the fresh look, and mesh riding gloves have breathable fabric which will allow your palms to breathe. 

Spurs: Spurs are for bold people. If you love to establish your authority, the spurs are the best. It is a simple detail that makes all the difference. 

Stock Ties: For those who are professional equestrians, Stock ties are a must-have. Stock ties give a very royal look. 


Tall boots are perfect for horse riding. They provide enough protection from riding and mud. Check out HKM tall boots - Valencia kids. HKM Tall boots - Valencia kids is a good choice for children who are into horse riding 


For safety, the helmet is extremely important. It will protect your head in case you fall. 

Buy equestrian products online at Equusgentry

Taking care of horses and maintaining a horse barn while practicing can become very hectic. It could become hard to take out a good amount of time and to hop from one shop to the other to find good quality, budget-friendly equestrian products. Instead of spending time wandering the streets, buy equestrian products from Equusgentry, an online equestrian store. Stylish equestrian clothing, boots, gloves, and other equestrian products for the rider are available at this online equestrian store. 

You can find the best quality, tall boots that will protect your legs while riding. Equusgentry's equestrian product supply is of premium quality. For men, stylish equestrian clothing, breeches, and classy ties are must-haves, which you can buy at Equusgentry's online equestrian store. You can still let your personality shine while wearing equestrian apparel through accessories such as belts, gloves, and spurs. Indeed subtle and easy equestrian products for the rider enhance the look.

Above all, safety is foremost important. Hence Helmets, safety vests, safety stirrups, and reflects are necessary equestrian products for the rider. Head over to the online equestrian stores to see equestrian products supplied by them. In addition to clothes and accessories, you can buy gifts for equestrians from this online equestrian store. Without a horse, an equestrian is nothing; hence, Breyer Aurora is the perfect accessory to bring home. Like Breyer Aurora, World of Breyer jigsaw puzzle, and Breyer farms wood carry stable toys are available for your little one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Equestrians are people who are involved in the sports of horse riding. Like any other sport, horse riding requires necessary equipment that helps the rider to ride the horse smoothly and to protect themselves against any accident. Equestrian equipment includes helmets, saddles, Equestrian clothing - headgears, shoes, breeches, gloves, etc.

Equestrians should keep the mix of the equipment for personal needs and for horses. Every rider should invest in: 

  • Good pair of hand gloves
  • Tight fitted trousers are known as 'Brechees' in the Equestrian language.
  • Jackets to survive harsh weather.
  • A must-have product that people often neglect, 'Spf'. Since you spend time outdoors, it is important to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. 
  • A first aid kit for an emergency. 
  • Helmets & HKM Tall Boots. 

Meet all your needs for equestrian products in one place. Equestrian products, clothing(Kingsland Klova Shirt), accessories (Riding gloves), Tall boots, etc., that every equestrian must own are available online at A wide range of clothing for all age groups and genders is available. Everything related to the equestrian can be purchased from

Basic clothes that you would need for horse riding are Jackets, Breeches, Mesh Riding gloves, a Safety vest, and Boots. To elevate the look, Stock ties are perfect as they make the rider look more professional and polished in an informal setting.