Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

So, you are fretting about your equine's limb health, right? Your concern is valid and needed as horses' front, and hind legs are vulnerable to injuries, swelling, and other problems. And there are no fewer instances where your mount can get the grazes and tears, such as while being transported, out in the paddock, during exercise, or when galloping crazily in the lea, stirring the dust into a storm, and mane swaying proudly in the wind. That's why you must give a thought to horse boots. Calling them a lifesaver would be no understatement. Why? You shall see it here. Read on!

Why consider horse boots? 

Horse boots make a perfect shield for horses as it protects them from a wide range of common limb issues. Made of sheepskin, plastic or neoprene, gel, or leather, horse ankle boots can be slipped easily on the legs, followed by fastening. You can get these boots in any size you want, so don't worry if your horse is not very big or is huge like that of a knight. Once you slide the boots on your horse's limbs, it offers protection against various external impacts. 

For the best effect, you need boots that fit like a glove on your horse's legs. If horse exercise boots are loose, they will flap about when the equine sprints. And if they are tight to the extent of stifling their legs, they can cause other issues like boots rubbing, foot sores, etc. All in all, you need to find a perfect fit. It is more than essential. Consider taking fresh measurements and see that the type and size of boot you are using is the one that best suits your horse. 

Fret not! Equusgentry is your one-stop platform, where equestrians can satiate all their riding gear requirements starting from utility scissors, training aids, and full grip breeches to horse dressage boots, horse therapy boots, and more. You can effortlessly get your hands on the horse tendon boots in a size that snugly fits their limbs and work effectively. If you wanna ride your horse safely while securing its well-being, horse dressage boots are what you need. Dressage boots support and protect ankle ligaments and leg tendons while keeping the equine from overextending and clipping itself with a hoof. 

CATAGOFIR-Tech Dressage Boots


Apart from the safety, protection, and efficiency, Equusgentry focuses on the comfort of your horse by making them breathable, ensuring good circulation, avoiding rubbing, etc. You can get boots according to your budget. Boots that feature a high price tag aren't always great compared to economic ones. With us, you can't go wrong picking the horse boots that are comfortable and deliver the utmost protection and support to your horse. So, you surely get a good bang for your buck! 

Different types of horse boots like horse open front boots, therapeutic boots, dressage boots, etc., are available for different protection and comfort needs of equines. For instance, horse therapy boots help remedy injuries and maintain your stallion's legs in their prime while facilitating proper circulation, faster healing, ridding off edema, and more. At the same time, open-front boots are popular in equitation classes, in the jumpers, and for regular protection. These boots deliver strike resistance around the delicate, sensitive soft tissue in their limbs. Open front boots are available in different materials like memory foam, synthetic, leather, and gel versions such as tab closures, etc. 

When it comes to your horse's leg safety, you can't and shouldn't entertain any compromise on that. After all, they keep the equine moving, agile, happy, and ready to take you far! Thus, it is imperative to take care of the horse's legs to see them run at a fast clip. Are you, then, thinking of gifting this safety gear to your mount? We can hear you utter 'yes'! Great! Pamper the horse with horse ankle boots and see how it scoots and impresses you with speed. 

So, whether you are scrounging for dressage boots, therapeutic boots, exercise boots, open-front boots, or more for horses, Equusgentry offers more than what you need.