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Horse Boots and Wraps

Are you looking for a pair of horse boots? Equusgentry offers top-of-the-line horse boots and wraps. A horse boot is a protective boot or wrap meant to avoid injuries to a horse's lower leg or foot. These injuries might be caused by activities such as walking on uneven ground or harm caused by a gait abnormality. When a horse's foot strikes the ground, horse boots provide protection as well as shock absorption. Sporting riders should wear horse boots when riding, lunging, or turning out their horses since their horses move at a higher pace, increasing the risk of injury.

Our Collection Of Horse Boots & Wraps

Equusgentry has a top-quality line of Horse Boots and Wraps –

  • Veredus Olympus Ankle Boots – Anatomic Semi Rigid-PUTM dual density shell delivers optimal comfort and support while giving high levels of protection and flexibility. Shock absorption and tendon support are provided by the EVATM Foam-coated striking plate. This horse boot also has a Semi Rigid-PUTM shell, which is an anatomic dual density shell that gives the best level of protection while allowing for maximum movement, maximum support, and optimum comfort.
  • Veredus TR PRO Ankle Boots - This pair of horse boots are ideal for jumping. They're lightweight, open-front boots with a Lycra-lined neoprene inside for added comfort and shock absorption.

  • IHWT Elastic Standing Martingale – This is one of the best horse breast collars you can find on the market. We've devised a revolutionary technique that uses buttons to secure the leather piece that connects the neck and girth straps. The necklace must be fixed on the martingale. When tension is applied, the component attached to the girth will not stretch and create a hazardous loop. This keeps the horse's legs from being stuck in the martingale. There's no need for a rubber ring or any other homemade method. You may ride and jump with a martingale that does not impede your horse's shoulders. The necklace's upper portion is composed of our Gentle T material, which is anti-slippery and soft to the touch. It will not move on the horse's neck, providing extra comfort and preventing harm.

    Jump Breastplate with Elastic Insterts

  • Catago Diamond Ear Net - Sporty ear net made of practical materials. The main fabric is a breathable mesh, while the ears are composed of a stretchy, very soft jersey. The Diamond Ear Net features a CATAGO® Equestrian insignia discreetly stitched in the ear, and the colors complement the rest of the Diamond collection of items. The design of these horse ear bonnets comes from Denmark. Jump Breastplate with Elastic Inserts - The Selleria Equipe Equipe Y Shaped Adjustable Breastplate provides plenty of flexibility and alternatives for you and your horse. A handy detachable running martingale attachment is included with the English breastplate in Black or Brown. The martingale can be fastened to the chest strap's main center ring or one of the two lower rings. With stainless steel buckles, the martingale and all straps are easily adjusted. Snaps secure the Equipe Y Adjustable Breastplate to your saddle dees. Soft cushioning provides additional comfort for your horse, and the design allows for a complete range of shoulder mobility.

  • Bridles - The ATS System offers your horse maximum comfort. A small layer of foam offers shock absorption, and the curved top plate of the crown let the ears freely move, decreasing pressure and easing muscle and nerve stress.

  • Ovation Dortmund Anatomic Dressage Bridle - The Ovation Anatomic Bridle work Collection includes hunting and dressage bridles that are intended for maximum horse comfort! Crowns and nosebands are ergonomically trimmed, curved, and cushioned to relieve pressure on sensitive parts of the horse's head. For enhanced comfort, Comfort Gel cushioning has been added to areas considered to be vulnerable to pressure. Bridles are made of flexible and lovely leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do horses need bridles?

The bridle enables the rider to control the horse's head, as well as the horse's pace and direction. There are a variety of bridles and bits available, each with a particular effect on the horse.

  • Do I need to change ankle boots regularly?

No, you do not need to change horse ankle boots on a regular basis.