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Safety Stirrups 5 Star

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The HORKA 5star stirrup is equiped with a magnetic safety mechanism.  when a fall occurs, the weight of the rider will push towards the magnetic clasp that opens the outside of the stirrup. This way, the safety mechanism prevents the foot from getting caught in the stirrup. After opening, the clasp will automatically hinges back into its original position. 

- Magnetic safety mechanism
- Made of galvanized aluminium 
- Powdercoated
- Reinforced with stainless steel on the inside 
- Extra stability through strong grip points on the aluminium tread.
- The stirrups have got a left and right side (marked with L and R on the top of the stirrup).

 Maintenance advise:
- Remove moisture & dirt with a dry cloth directly after riding.
- Store your saddle & stirrups in a dry, well ventilated, tack room.
- Perform a quality check regularly and replace the stirrups, or a part of it, immediately if the material shows damages. - Regularly check if the sytem is working by opening the magentic clasp and checking the pivot point.
- Advice about boots: wear official riding or jodhpur boots from smooth material, without uneven or rough parts and soles without profile.