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Selleria Equipe (Equipe USA)

Calfskin Mono Leathers w/Nylon Core

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Equipe Mono Leathers in black or brown for your fine English saddle. Simple to use Equipe Mono Leathers have a nylon webbing loop at the top to slide onto the saddle bar. A single piece of leather, rather than two, reduces bulk under your leg. Equipe leathers adjust with holes at the stirrup iron end. A leather wrap covers the buckle for a clean, neat appearance and protection of your saddle. Selleria Equipe uses Box Calf leather wrapped around a nylon core for exceptional strength that is certain not to stretch. Box Calf is a chrome tanned leather with a very finely grained square pattern. It is pliable and flexible to the touch yet firm- box leather is often used for the finest footwear. You will love it for these beautiful Equipe stirrup leathers!

Available in Black (not shown) and Brown.