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Durvet Fly Rid Plus 32oz

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Fly spray for horses, dogs and livestock provides powerful yet safe protection against harmful pests.

Multi-purpose, multi-species ready-to-use insect control spray kills and repels horse, horn, face, house, stable and deer flies, mosquitoes and gnats. Controls bed bugs and mites in poultry houses. Also controls adult and larvae stages of fleas and ticks on dogs for 35 days. Provides 60-day control of cockroaches, spiders, ants, crickets, scorpions, millipedes and centipedes.

For use on horses, dogs, goats, sheep, hogs, poultry, beef and dairy cattle, their premises as well as other indoor/outdoor applications.

Contains 0.5% permethrin, plus citronella.

  • Kills and repels 6 types of flies, mosquitoes and gnats
  • 60-day control of cockroaches, spiders and ants
  • 35-day control of fleas and ticks on dogs