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Farnam Quietex II Pellet 1.625 lb

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Each oz contains 2,500 mg l-tryptophan, 1,000 mg thiamine, 1,000 mg inositol, 500 mg riboflavin, 400 mg magnesium, 400 mg vitamin B6 and 36 mg valerian root extract.

Directions: Give 1 scoop daily per horse, regardless of body weight. For performance horses - Give 1 scoop 1 hour before training or competition or as regulations allow. For transporting horses - Give 1 scoop 2 hours before loading and 1 scoop every 8 hours if transporting is prolonged.

Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. Use with caution in conjunction with central nervous system depressants. Do not use prior to anesthesia.