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Eco Gold

Eco Gold Flip Half Pad Matte-Vegan Jumper

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Vegan and elegant matte half pad for jumping

The Flip Half Pad Matte – Jumper is a shimmable non-slip half pad with superior impact protection. Made with high resilience foam that absorbs shock, the Flip Half Pad Matte – Jumper helps improve the connection between your saddle and the horse’s back. It’s a must-have for riders with growing horses, horses with changing backs, or those who ride multiple horses with the same saddle.

Serious impact protection with our Flip Half Pad Matte – Jumper

Each half pad is made with the highest quality materials and handcrafted with care.

– Premium High Resilience Foam. The highest level of protection for your horse. Offering superior supporting force and durability than conventional foam or memory foam (low resilience), High Resilience Foam reduces pressure at the points of greatest weight. It quickly springs back after impact to provide support and protection to your horse’s back.

How thick is The Flip? The Flip Half Pad Matte – Jumper comes with a 3/4″ Premium High Resilience Foam layer. However, since this pad has pockets, you can adjust it to your desired width and fit it perfectly to your saddle.

Non-slip security

Breathable and hypoallergenic, our non-slip material is neoprene-free. It’s strong enough to stay in place yet soft on the skin. It keeps the horse’s back comfortable while securing the saddle for a safe, competitive ride.

Wither relief

Anatomical design means the horse’s back and withers will be comfortable in our half pads. Even high-withered, tough-to-fit toplines can benefit from our design made for wither relief.

Quick Dry Performance

The Flip Half Pad Matte – Jumper is made with high-tech fabrics and designed with an air vent on the spine to provide ventilation and faster moisture evaporation. Our goal is to keep the horse as dry as possible, as quickly as possible, in all weather conditions.

Made with Ecogold’s superior craftsmanship, the Flip Half Pad is machine washable.

A Performance Saddle Pad for Every Horse and Rider.

The saddle pad you choose is just as important as your actual saddle. It’s part of that key connection between you and your horse. It’s an investment in the quality of your ride. Ecogold saddle pads are designed and manufactured in Montreal with materials sourced in North America for your horse’s comfort and performance.