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Selleria Equipe (Equipe USA)

Equipe Stirrup Leather Fender

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Equipe Fenders in black or brown for your fine English jump saddle. Simple to use Equipe Fenders have a nylon webbing lining at the top to slide onto the saddle bar. A single piece of leather, rather than two, reduces bulk under your leg. No more pinching at your hamstring while posting. Equipe leathers adjust with holes at the stirrup iron end. These fenders are also offer a safety feature as the the buckle is meant to face forward. Selleria Equipe uses Box Calf leather with a nylon core for exceptional strength that is certain not to stretch. Box Calf is a chrome tanned leather with a very finely grained square pattern. It is pliable and flexible to the touch yet firm- box leather is often used for the finest footwear. You will love it for these beautiful Equipe stirrup leathers!

Available in Black (not shown) and Brown.