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Majyk Equipe

Majyk Equipe Equitation Fetlock Boots

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Brown Leather

Features: • All First Grade Leather – No Faux Leather • Removable Liner for Easy Cleaning • Non-Neoprene Bio Foam Liner • Built in Impact Protection • Lightweight and Breathable • Double Stitched Binding and Finishes • Antique Brass Buckle Closures • Amazing Price for the Quality.

Sold as a Pair

Our boots are made from premium Argentine leather with a rich havana color and protective coating. Argentine leather is preferred by car companies such as Porsche, Audi and BMW for its luxury appearance and durability. The well-engineered design provides ultimate comfort and a sleek appearance. The removable perforated liner adds cushioning and protection with high impact bio foam material. Our boots are priced exceptionally well and feature an ergonomic design.