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Foxden Equine

Quiessence Magnesium and Chromium Pellet 3.5lb

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Pellet supplement is ideal for horses with tight, tense muscles that are slow to warm up and have sore or tight backs, nervous or tense horses that show an inability to learn and concentrate, or horses with nerve conditions.

May also help horses that are cresty-necked to reduce the crest, and may help reduce the tendency to founder by supporting normal glucose metabolism and increasing peripheral circulation.

Legal for competition with no known side effects. Each 1 oz serving contains 7 gm magnesium oxide, 1 gm magnesium proteinate and 1.25 mg chromium piccolinate.Directions: 1 oz per 250 lbs body weight daily to start; drop to 1/2 oz daily when improvement is evident. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.

Magnesium should not be given to horses with impaired kidney function or those with restricted water intakes. Chromium should not be given to horses with PSSM/EPSM.

1 oz scoop enclosed. 3.5 lbs = 28 day supply at 1/2 oz level.