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Betty's Best

Betty's Best Skin & Coat Grooming Wipes XXL - Dispenser

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Super Sized Extra Thick & Saturated Re-Usable Bamboo Cloths for Cleaning Dogs, Horses & Everything Else

  • ALL-IN-ONE convenience for cleaning Dogs, Horses and Everything else in a generous 12x12 inch size
  • NATURAL and safe hypoallergenic ingredients of plant extracts and essential oils will cleanse, deodorize, nourish, and soothe the skin and coat
  • SUPER SATURATED & HIGHLY ABSORBENT bamboo is cross-woven with extra layers to tackle the dirtiest jobs yet is soft to the touch
  • BIODEGRADABLE renewable bamboo material designed to be re-usable for value and earth-friendly for stewardship
  • SERIOUSLY DURABLE for multiple uses -- Simply wash then re-use either dry to dust and polish, or wet with Betty's Best Renewal Solution or Stain Remover
  • XXL size is big enough for horses or as a bath-alternative for dogs in a generous 12x12inch super large extra thick cloth, tough enough for scrubbing.